Best Airpods to Buy (Complete Buying Guide)

Even today, they are selling for $152 on Apple’s website. Today we wanted to help to decide if you should consider buying one. Back in 2016 the Apple Airpods were the only pair of wireless earbuds present meaning the didn’t have any wires to connect even the earbuds themselves, but things have changed since then.

Today the market is much more competitive as compared to then, a lot of companies offer a lot more features and better performance as compared to the Airpods are a fraction of the price. (Best Airpods to Buy) So it might not be a good idea to buy them as of 2020. Today there are plenty of alternatives that are very convenient and offer a lot.

Best Airpods to Buy

Why You Shouldn’t buy Apple Airpods in 2020?

  • They don’t have water resistance, a lot of earbuds today, even under $50 tag
    have this feature. So you don’t have to worry if it starts raining or if you sweat a
    lot. Some earbuds under $100 price are water upto IPX7 water resistant meaning
    you can use them while showering.
  • Price: At $152 they are a terrible value for money in terms of 2020 standards.
    Some Earbuds like the SoundPEATS Truengine SE feature water resistance
    along with dual dynamic drivers for a better sound at $48.
  • Battery: The original Airpods provide upto 5 hours of battery backup which is
    OKAY but again the price. The Bomaker SIFI provide 6-8 hours based upon
    what you’re listening at $50.
  • One may argue that they are a fashion statement but with the release of the new
    Airpods pro that’s also no longer the case.
  • They lack wireless charging, some cheaper earbuds have this feature. Not a
    huge deal but at this price point, by today’s standards that’s a must.
  • The sound quality isn’t top notch anymore with the advancement in technology
    many manufacturers are able to offer the same and even better sound at a price
    less than the original Airpods.
  • They use Apple’s lightning port for charging, so for an Android user that might be
    a problem as it would be another cable to carry just for the Airpods. You can find
    USB type-C at very low price and can use the same cable you use for charging
    your phone and earbuds.
  • They offer a universal fit that isn’t customisable so it may not fit you depending on
    your ear shape and keep falling at which point if is foolish to buy them.

Now we are in no means, Against Apple. The Apple Airpods are proof of Apple’s capabilities but they are very old now and aren’t able to justify their price tag and are simply not consider buying considering the products that could be bought at a fraction of the price. The modern ones are much better value of money than the Airpods.(Best Airpods to Buy)

But the question that which Earbuds are the best value for money and at which price you get the most out of your money?. For that check out our blog we made specifically for that.

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