Best Bluetooth Speakers for Vinyl

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Vinyl

Best Bluetooth Speakers For Vinyl

If you are looking for a perfect speaker for vinyl, this is the right place where you have to click. If you are in a big crowd and also search for a great speaker then take a look at our list of best speakers for vinyl.

Here is a list of the top 10 best speakers for vinyl. Let’s get started. Enjoy!


Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3


Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2


Sonos Move




JBL Charge 4


1. JBL 360P Mk11 Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers For Vinyl

The JBL’s 360P Mk11 active studio monitors are an ideal speaker for pairing i.e with a turntable. They provide a dimensional stereo image that enhances clarity and power with the help of JBL’s Image Control Waveguide.

These speakers produce impressive accuracy in the low frequencies and a smooth three-fold output. You will get a vast sweet point which minimizes the changes caused by moving around the room with the help of 360P Mk11.

This is a useful addition if your room is not perfectly audibly treated and it will also avoid common problems such as bass traps from occurring due to the shape and extent of your listening area.

The design of these JBL’s speakers means you don’t need to turn the volume to get a good overall balance. If you are a background listening lover and don’t want to disturb the neighbors, the featured slipstream low-frequency port will provide a detailed bass response at low volumes.

These speakers have a 6.5 inches woofer for bass reproduction, a 1-inch tweeter driver to power the high-end frequencies, and a maximum volume peak of 110dB. This volume is enough on your turntable at a gathering or outdoor party.


  • Accurate bass reproduction at lower volumes
  • Optimized response
  • Sturdy housing


  • Not solid both individually and as a pair

2. Edifier R1280T Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers For Vinyl

The Edifier R1280T offers a standard speaker wire connection but it uses a remote control for volume. In spite of that, this speaker produces great sound for small spaces. The frequency response of this speaker is 75Hz to 18KHz.

I found that most music has crisp highs and mids. The bass of this Edifier doesn’t go deep, but it’s expected of small bookshelf speakers. It also possesses a standard 3.5mm input port along with the two sets of RCA inputs, a neat feature to connect more than one device.

The connectors are located on the back panel of these speakers along with the on/off switch. The cabinets are made of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) in a stylish wood finish. The included front grilles sport sparse, unique styling, and are capable of being taken apart.

These speakers are 2-way speakers with a 4-inches cone driver and a 13mm silk dome tweeter. In addition, the maximum power of the built-in amplifier is 21 W per channel.


  • Remote control volume
  • 2-years warranty
  • Adjustable bass


  • Low-priced speaker wire
  • On/off switch on the back

3. PreSonus Eris E3.5 Bluetooth Speaker

The PreSonus Eris E3.5 speakers are an affordable option for you in terms of the record player. These strong, nearfield monitors are built around woven composite woofers. Due to which there is no issue of pumping out detailed low-frequencies without the risk of disturbance.

In the high-end, the Eris E3.5 uses silk-dome tweeters for a full-bodied managed output. Another great feature of this speaker is the audible tuning controls which allow you to cut out distorted frequencies much like an EQ unit.

This helps to prevent an unnecessary boom depending on the location of your turntable. The speakers certainly pack a punch in spite of being relatively small in size. These speakers retain their clarity even when they are pushed to their volume limit offering 50 watts of solid class AB simplification.

You can also go to the unity mode which controls the volume but compresses the audio to requite. The one thing that makes us love to listen to records through turntables is the small details you get to hear that don’t exist on digital mediums.

These speakers are outfitted with both unbalanced RCA and balanced TRS inputs so that it is easy to enjoy the sound of your favorite vinyl instantly.


  • Easy to connect to the turntable
  • Tweeters prevent harshness
  • Solid low-end reproduction


  • Slightly lacking in comfort/warmth

4. Sony SSCS5 Bluetooth Speaker

The Sony SSCS5 are considered as best speakers by the wide frequency response range of 53Hz to 50KHz. Due to this, the speakers provide airy sound signature capturing with accuracy all the important details.

As the SSCS5 are 3-way speakers, they have another advantage. They possess 3 drivers and 2 crossover points due to which separation of instruments becomes easy. You will also notice something while listening to vinyl albums.

These speakers have rich and colorful acoustics because they have rated 6-ohm impedance. The cabinet design of this speaker is responsible for improved audio quality. Another thing to notice in this speaker is Sony’s Hi-Res Audio feature.

The SSCS5 speakers are featured with fiber-reinforced woofers which offer extremely hardness and less distortion when reproducing lots of basses. This will be helpful when you are trying to drive more bass or when you are trying to enhance the breaking-in period of your turntable speakers.


  • Better sound quality
  • Good build quality
  • Wide frequency response range


  • Requires appropriate amplification

5. Kanto YU4 Powered Speakers

Best Bluetooth Speakers For Vinyl

The Kanto YU4 Speakers are big, loud, and offer an impressive soundstage. They are useful if you lack amplification and have a plug-and-play turntable. They rock class D 70 W amplifiers and possess 1-inch silk dome tweeters that deliver crystal-clear audio.

These speakers are a bit more limited in terms of range. The frequency response of this speaker is 60 Hz to 20 kHz that may not be enough for records in the bass department. When we come to the design of this speaker, it really looks simple but well polished.

These speakers come in a variety of colors and measure 5.5×7.5×8.7-inches. I love the similarity of the Kanto YU4 speakers with both modern and vintage turntables. The integrated Bluetooth Technology of this speaker is great for streaming music and the quality of the vocal midrange seems to be perfect with the price range.


  • Bluetooth technology
  • 4-inches Kevlar drivers
  • Remote included


  • Poor low-end definition

6. Micca PB42X Bluetooth Speaker

The Micca PB42X speakers are highly precious speakers for home use. They deliver a rather clean, or natural, sound signature. But these speakers are not powerful to pair with your turntable.

However, these are active speakers. Therefore, it may be an ideal choice if you are looking to invest less in your radio setup. Instead of that, the frequency response range of 60 Hz to 20 kHz will be enough in the vinyl collection.

The ported enclosure design slightly increases the bass response and minimizes the disturbance while playing the speakers at higher volumes. The strong build is also helpful if you are low on table space too, not just price range.


  • Active speakers
  • Strong and lightweight build
  • Good bass definition


  • Average build quality

7. Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Speaker

Edifier R1700BT speakers are best-powered bookshelf options. They are slick, modern, and come with multiple connectivity options. The letters B and T in their name stands for Bluetooth, due to which you can connect R1700s to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

These speakers are 2-way speakers i.e 4-inches woofer and ¾-inches silk dome tweeter. The woofer is not the biggest in the bookshelf class, offers a more-than-decent low end. The frequency range of this speaker range from 60 Hz to 20 kHz.

This speaker is also featured with a built-in amplifier that supplies four channels of amplification; one to each driver i.e 15 W for each tweeter and 18 W for each woofer. The stylish cabinets are made of MDF, with side-mounted bass controls and a rear-mounted connection panel.

Like other BT models, they are finished in black with wood side panels. Each speaker measures 9.84-inches tall, 6.1-inches wide, and 8.35-inches deep.


  • Great connectivity options
  • Four channels of the built-in amplifier
  • Stylish design


  • Bluetooth connection is always on

8. Mackie CRS-XBT Bluetooth Speaker

The Mackie CRS-XRT monitors are featured with modern features that are highly compatible with a turntable especially while listening to records in an intimate setting. You can listen to music at night without disturbing other people with a conveniently designed front-panel headphone output.

These speakers also feature built-in Bluetooth connectivity due to which you can use them for any device as well as a turntable. If we talk about outputs, you get an RCA to ⅛ inch cable.

These small speakers are featured by a single amplifier, but this does not destroy the quality of response they produce. The 5-inches low-frequency woofer gives you crisp bass, and the silk-domed high-frequency driver tweeter (0.75-inch) produces detailed transients in the high end.

The Mackie speakers are perfect for listening from your turntable as they are not capable of the volume of larger monitors.


  • Accessible headphone output
  • Equipped with necessary cables
  • Front-panel volume control


  • Not suitable for listening to high volumes

9. Polk Audio T15 Bluetooth Speaker

The T15 by Polk Audio is an ideal choice for buyers who want an all-in-one option. These mini-monitors are designed to work in a surround sound system, but I found they work well by themselves, too.

They can be mounted on the wall and are balanced sound-wise. But these speakers don’t come ready to use. You have to go to the store to pick up some quality speaker wire first, as well as a receiver or amplifier if you don’t have one already.

These speakers can handle 100 W of power. As these speakers are not active speakers so you have to supply your own amplifier. These speakers are two-way i.e a 5.25-inches cone driver and a ¾-inches silk dome tweeter.

The frequency response range is 65 Hz to 20,000 kHz and the nominal impedance is 8 ohm. These speakers are easy to drive and the sensitivity is reasonable at 89 dB. The MDF cabinets are 7-inches deep, 10.5-inches tall, and 6.5-inches wide.

The graceful black finish and grills will look cool in any environment.


  • Balanced sound
  • Inexpensive
  • Wall mountable


  • A bit bass shy

10. Audioengine A5+ Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers For Vinyl

The Audioengine A5+ has powered speakers and don’t need an amplifier, making them perfect for vinyl lovers who are looking to set up a pure vinyl rig with a turntable and a pair of speakers.

These are two-way speakers i.e 5-inches Kevlar woofers and 3/4 -inches silk dome tweeters. The built-in amplifier is rated at 50 W per channel RMS, which is enough for a medium-sized room.

The frequency response range of this speaker is 50 Hz to 22 kHz. Each A5+ speaker is 10.5-inches tall, 9-inches deep, and 7-inches wide. The left speaker weighs 15.41 lbs and the right one 9.6 lbs.

It comes in various colors such as high-glow white, satin black, and solid carbonized bamboo.


  • Active bookshelf speakers
  • Full and rich sound
  • 50 W RMS per channel


  • Price a bit high
  • Potential feedback issues at super-high volumes

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