Best solar powered waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Best solar Powered waterproof Bluetooth speaker

best solar powered waterproof bluetooth speaker

The Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers give you full freedom from wires. Because a regular Bluetooth Speaker still needs to be charged. These Bluetooth speakers give you a rich available source of power, the sun.

It is not only convenient but also works wonders for the earth’s health. So here is a list of Top 10 Best Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers.

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1. Eton Rugged Rukus Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

best solar powered waterproof bluetooth speaker

The Eton Rugged Rukus Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker looks like a mini weighing machine. The square top face possesses the solar panel and button array. This Bluetooth Speaker also contains the micro-USB charging port, aux input, and the USB port.

This speaker can be charged by a micro USB cable in 2.5 hours or within 5 hours with the solar panel. It offers 8-hours playtime per charge. The power of this speaker becomes double with the USB output port.

The music can be played continuously when you sit in the sun. The mobile phones can also be charged during the playback time. The IPX4 rating shows that this Bluetooth speaker is splash-proof but it will take moisture and some water splashes and it is quite portable 17 ounces.

The Eton Rugged Bluetooth Speaker is specially designed to work in the sun, therefore, it is not good to expect the same kind of audio that Sony or Bose offers. This speaker sounds pleasant with simple tracks.

But according to its size, it does not have a strong bass.


  • A decent, loud sound
  • Highly portable
  • Act as a power bank


  • Bass is not strong given its size

2. Ecoxgear Sol Jam Waterproof Speaker

The Ecoxgear Sol Jam Solar-Powered Waterproof Speaker is built like a box. Sol Jam weighs 1.5 pounds on the scale, that’s why it is still portable. The front grille of this speaker is 6.2 inches long and 3 inches high.

This speaker is IPX7 certified which shows that it is waterproof to some extent due to which it can be submerged in 1m water for up to 30 mins. The Sol Jam speaker has a stylish pattern with essential branding.

Solar panels and buttons are present at the top. It also possesses separate volume and track navigation controls. You can connect a carabiner or a cord from the frame with gaps at the back.

This speaker can be connected to a standard camera mount through a threaded box at the bottom. There is a screw-on lid at the back of this speaker under which lies the USB-out port, auxiliary input, and the micro USB charging port.

This speaker can be fully charged in 3 hours and has a battery life of 12 hours. Ecoxgear lies in the average spectrum in terms of sound. But it is quite loud for a small gathering.


  • Possesses track navigation buttons
  • Incredible battery life
  • Waterproof


  • Sound is better regarding the price

3. Youmoon Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speakers

best solar powered waterproof bluetooth speaker

The Youmoon Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speakers look like a small square-shaped alarm clock. It is hardly 6 inches broad and long. The weight of this speaker is only 10.4 ounces.

One face of this speaker has a grille and buttons and the other face has solar panels. This is covered with silicone finish on the sides and is a metal frame around the body. It can be doubled as a hanger.

It is water-resistant with an IPX4 rating. Apart from Bluetooth, music can be played through a micro-SD card of 32 GB or via 3.5 mm aux port. This option is very useful especially when your phone runs out of charge.

It gives 6 hours playtime on a single charge. The side of solar panels can be kept up for charging while playing. This speaker also possesses volume, call, and mode buttons. There is no indicator to tell you which mode is, currently.

To skip tracks, the volume buttons can be used. This Bluetooth speaker is quite small and has a power of 5 W. The sound is balanced with great bass levels, and there is no disturbance at high volume.


  • Strong and portable
  • Micro-SD card slot
  • Pleasant sound


  • Cannot bear direct sunlight

4. Eton Rukus XL Wireless Sound System

The Eton Rukus XL Wireless Speaker has a shape like a wedge. The base of this speaker is 14.5 inches long and 5.25 inches deep. The weight of this speaker is 7 pounds so you don’t have to take it along on your hiking trips.

There are speaker grilles on both sides of a center cabinet at the front and a solar panel on the backside. So that the panels and the drivers will face the same side. This speaker also possesses an elastic band and a cavern in the center panel so you can keep your phone in it, and it can be protected from the sun by closing the lid.

The button array is situated at the top that contains power, volume, play/pause, and track navigation buttons. It also possesses the bass button. The ports for charging and auxiliary input are also present.

It takes 5 hours to completely charge and gives 8 hours playtime per charge. Eton Rukus Bluetooth Speaker possesses two tweeters, two woofers, and four passive radiators. The total output power of this speaker is 22 W.

It is also good for a full-size party. Regarding its size, you will get the audio response of a full-fledged speaker.


  • Pleasant, balanced sound
  • Bass boost mode
  • Possesses a power bank and a cellphone cabinet


  • Heavy

5. Braven BRV-Pro Bluetooth Speaker

Braven BRV-Pro+Solar Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is built to stand strong and powerful in the face of the horrible gale. It is totally packed and weighs about a little over 2 pounds. This speaker is weather-proof due to the IPX7 rating.

All three sides have bold panel work. For charging, the solar charging slab is connected on the top and can be opened upwards like a hinged door. This speaker also possesses a hatch that contains USB-out, micro-USB, and the auxiliary input port.

At the top face, there are volume and play/power buttons and these volume buttons can also work as a track navigation control. This solar-powered Bluetooth speaker has the feature of answering calls.

You can also charge your portable MP3 player or smartphone. It offers a battery life of 15 hours per charge on average volume and can go on forever with the solar panel. Braven BRV-Pro can get loud and hit 85-88 dB without any disturbance.

Like other speakers in its size, it lacks the bass impact and the bass is punchy.


  • Powerful audio sound
  • Speakerphone and power bank
  • Weatherproof


  • Bass addition could be better

6. ION Audio Solar Stone Wireless Speaker

best solar powered waterproof bluetooth speaker

The ION Audio Solar Stone Wireless Speakers can be bought as a pair. The novel technology makes it to the best solar-powered Bluetooth speakers list. Inside the rock shaped cabinet of these wireless speakers, the drivers are hidden.

The speaker grille is present in the front and the solar panel at the top. These speakers weigh 9.4 pounds and are rocks after all. These solar stone speakers are approximately 10 inches tall, 9 inches long, and 8 inches deep.

They are water-resistant with an IPX4 rating and can take some splashes without damage. If the battery power is your priority, then this wireless speaker is for you because it offers a playtime of 48 hours per charge. But it takes 55 hours in the sun for a full charge and 5 hours to charge by AC.

The Bluetooth range goes up to 50-60 feet from the playback device. These Solar Stone speakers are as spirited in their audio as they are in the sun. They soak up all the rays and collect them into kicky bass due to which the audio sounds full and rich. Even you will not find any disturbance at high volumes here.


  • Incredible battery life
  • Rock shaped
  • Water-resistant


  • Not portable 
  • Takes a long time to charge

7. Goal Zero 94013 Rock Out 2 Bluetooth Speaker

best solar powered waterproof bluetooth speaker

Goal Zero 94013 is a small speaker and is built for style and ease. This speaker has enough power to be on the best solar-powered Bluetooth speakers list. The speaker looks like a toiletry bag.

The weight of this speaker is 15 ounces and is 7.1 inches long. The speaker grille and button controls are present at the front face while the opposite face holds the solar panels.

The other side possesses a mesh pocket to keep a normal-sized phone so that you can keep your phone inside it while playing the music. The auxiliary cable can be used to chain two speakers and play the music.

There is a foolproof attachment to hang the speaker off with your bag on the bike handle. The Goal Zero claims that it is weather-proof. It also possesses the speakerphone on the front face and carries the volume, play/pause, and track navigation buttons on itself.

It takes 8 hours to completely charge and gives 15 hours of playtime per charge. The sound of this speaker is natural and balanced. Apart from the Bluetooth connection, you will get clear and audible audio.


  • Incredible battery life
  • Mesh pocket for phone
  • Strong and portable


  • The audio sound could be better

8. Eton Rukus Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System

Eton Rukus Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the timid cousin of the Solar Bluetooth Speaker. Because they have many same features but the audio quality feels distorted over the Rugged one.

The Eton Rukus Wireless Speaker looks like a pair of binocular and weighs 4.8 pounds. The good thing about this speaker is that it possesses an integrated handle to carry it.

This wireless speaker is front-facing. It can be charged via a micro-USB port and has a 3.5mm input port to connect to playback devices in wired mode. There is an elastic band at the bottom to hold your smartphone.

You need to acquaint yourself with the symbols to understand it. This wireless speaker system also features a speakerphone and a power bank that can be tapped via a USB-out port. It offers a battery life of 6 hours.

This speaker system has invested more in its solar-powered design than the audio. The audio sounds good but it is not inspiring as a regular speaker at the same price. They also focus on midrange and high frequencies than the bass because small speakers can produce so much bass.

But you will get agreeable sound without any disturbance at moderate volumes.


  • Act as a power bank
  • Possesses an integrated handle
  • Has a speakerphone


  • The audio sound could be better

9. Ivation Water-Resistant Solar-Dynamo Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

best solar powered waterproof bluetooth speaker

Ivation Solar Bluetooth Stereo Speaker has too many tricks under its hat. This solar wireless speaker look like old-time radio. This is only the speaker that provides AM/FM services when you travel into the simpler world of radio.

The NOAA radio keeps you aware of the weather. This speaker also features an LED display on the front that has time, date, weekday, and temperature. In spite of that, you can even set an alarm on it.

At the top, there is a 9V solar panel and a crank charger. Due to which you can power up the speaker by the kinetic energy of rotation. So you don’t have to depend on just solar or AC power.

It also carries a flashlight on one side. This wireless speaker is only missing an auxiliary input. It also possesses a 3.5mm port where you can connect the earphone jack to turn your listening into a private matter.

The radio reception of this speaker works very well in some areas and you will get an uninterrupted radio service. The Bluetooth mode plays clear music and is loud enough for personal use.

It is enjoyable and satisfies the minimum needs of bass. This system would be the ultimate entertainment unit on a company trip.


  • Crank charger, power bank, thermometer
  • Flashlight and a solar panel
  • AM/FM/NOAA radio


  • Bluetooth audio is average

10. MicroSolar Solar-Powered Portable Bluetooth Speaker

best solar powered waterproof bluetooth speaker

MicroSolar Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a pretty device. It focuses on appearance and delivers 360-degree sound. It does not have a lot of features but we like its attractive design. It has a water-resistance capability.

The shape of this speaker is pot-like with some blue highlights. You can carry this speaker with the help of a handle. The weight of this speaker is 2.5 pounds and is 9 inches long across the diameter. This Bluetooth speaker is both dust and water-resistant due to the IP44 rating.

It can take some splashes of water but do not submerge it. It can be charged via a micro-USB cable and there is no auxiliary input or battery bank. It offers 8 hours of playtime on full volume.

MicroSolar has the speaker at the bottom of the solar plate. It reflects the sound and delivers audio in all directions. The audio sound is crisp and clear. You will don’t get any disturbance.

You might turn up the volumes via a knob under the solar plate. But it would be difficult to spot at first.


  • Enjoyable sound
  • Incredible battery life
  • Good-looking speaker


  • Heavy

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