Best Earbuds to Buy (Complete Buying Guide)

Earbuds exist at many price ranges and have a considerable amount of competition as of now in 2020. We wanted to find out what’s the sweat spot for earbuds with respect to their price where they provide the best value. Best Earbuds to Buy Complete Guide is Here.

Best Earbuds to Buy

These kinds of earbuds are usually present below the $50 mark. Some are very cheap like the i12 tws that are present at around $12 but they have terrible sound quality and other characteristics like the battery and latency is also bad. They are made for someone who wants a pair of truly wireless earbuds but is not willing to pay the price of it or is not (earbuds buying guide) concerned with anything like the sound quality, playback time and latency e.t.c.

Then there are the ones that are close to $50. From which we choose our top 5 (first article). You can go and read the article on our website. These usually are “OKAY” and sometimes even “GOOD” but the companies are generally cutting down the price by some means like the lack of fast charging, wireless charging, sound clarity, comfort e.t.c. But if you’re not an audio nerd, those things wouldn’t matter all that much but you’re still cutting down on the actual quality of the earbuds.

The Budget Earbuds (1)

These earbuds exist below or near the $100 mark. Some are just above $50 like the SoundPEATS Truengine SE that might as well be categorized as “budget earbuds” coming at about $54, and some that are present at the mark like the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 at $99 with a lot present in between.

The earbuds in this category are usually the ones where many of the flagship features are present and you are getting a lot for your money and are essentially very compelling product.

The Budget Earbuds (2)

These are usually just above $100 and are sort of in the premium space. And generally have nothing to complain about. (earbuds buying guide) Now these contains products from some very well-known companies and are in general, very good. Many big companies like samsung and Huawei are present in this space and have flagship features like the fast charging, water proofing e.t.c. and a very premium feel.

These are targeted for the kind of people that don’t care for the price and generally consider the features list more than the price tag. Many earbuds like the Galaxy Buds and the Huawei Freebuds exist at this price point.

Best Earbuds to Buy

This is where the most high end features from the most high end manufacturers that provide the very best like the Airpods Pro. Now this price range is above $150 and is intended for people that absolutely want to get the very best and don’t care about the price. These are usually well-known professionals, celebrities and in general elite people. Best Earbuds to Buy Complete Guide is Here.

The Best Value for Money

Now that we’ve explained what price ranges exist, we’ll discuss where you get the best fruit for the best money. Now the best value consists “the earbuds below $100”.

  • The one below $50 are worth considering for those of you that want to “get things done”
    and don’t want to spend a big fortune on a pair of wireless earbuds. However, the
    earbuds in this segment are evolving with some premium features like water-resistance
    and touch controls and as we move along the way more and more of these high-end
    features will make their way into this market.
  • The “$80” line is the sweat spot for earbuds that provide the best value as of now with
    respect to the price. Think of it this way, you pay a bit a little, you get a little. You pay
    more, you get a lot more. You pay more than that you get a bit more but not as much but
    is not worth the money you pay considering that mid-range market. You pay the
    premium, you get the flagship one or two features. So the mid-range market is definitely
    worth taking a look at if you want the best features (about all) while not having to spend
    boat-loads of money on just wireless earbuds. Thus the sub $100 marketplace is in our
    opinion the best value that exists as of today.
  • The upper-mid range (just above $100) are the ones which essentially have the same
    features as the below $100 ones or a bit more than that but literally they are the same
    features just slightly improved and is where the flagship features drain down first and
    some very competitive products are present there that compete with some premium
    products but for a price-conscious person, they aren’t a worthy product.
  • Finally, the premium segment where you get the best additional few features. Their
    customers include the ones that don’t care about the price, they want the best, the first.
    In terms of features, they have a few more than the upper midrange which is already a
    bit over the $100 price point.

So depending on your intentions and features you seek, one could be considered buying. Hope you find this useful this Best Earbuds to Buy Complete Guide.

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