TOP 5 Best Wireless EarBuds

Back in 2016 when apple introduced its truly wireless Airpods, it became a meme. The whole internet was laughing at it but due to their convenience and their reliability people generally like them and they became a Global hit. As time passed more and more competition appeared in the market consisting of different price ranges and as time passes we are starting to see more of that. We Review TOP 5 Best Wireless EarBuds for you.

Bomaker SIFI Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds

The 3rd one on the list is the Bomaker SIFI earbuds. The sticker price on these ones is $50.00. At this price, the features and the overall package is pretty compelling.

Connectivity: These earbuds have Bluetooth 5.0 built into them. They also have the Qualcomm QCC3020 chip which not only results in lower latency and lag butalso is much more power-efficient thus increasing the battery time of these earbuds.

Battery: The battery on the earbuds themselves last up to 6 – 8 hours depending on the volume and type of sound you’re listening to. With the case, you’ll get a total of 30 hours which is Amazing.

Input: These earbuds have button input rather than touch input but these buttons aren’t that annoying and do their job pretty nicely but touch controls would have been nice to have.

Sound: The sound from these earbuds is pretty dope. For one it’s highly dynamic that means that every type of music sounds great. It might not be as compelling to the audio purist but the people that just wanna hear music and get lost in it, these have a good base, the mids are clear and just overall the sound is good.

Design: In terms of designing these earbuds and their case is very small and you can put them in your pocket easily. Now the earbuds themselves have an in-ear design and they have a very low profile like they don’t stick out of your ear. Each bud has a notification LED on them to indicate charging. The design is very comfortable to wear and to carry.

IP Rating: These do have IPX7 water and dust resistance, so is you’re a person who sweats a lot or goes to the gym these might be good for you to combine that with their design and quality, these are pretty good for gym guys.
Monostereo sound: Each individual earbud can be used independently along with that it’s capable of mono stereo sound, that plays all the sound through a single earbud so you don’t miss any of the sounds you’re playing. Voice Assistant: It also has voice assistant controls baked in. It can be
summoned by using the buttons on the side of the earbuds
Now, still, it’s important to take into consideration that they don’t have touch controls and uses micro-USB for charging instead of USB Type-C.
All in all the Bomaker SIFI are an amazing deal with fantastic features and Sound quality and for people that want a good value for their money, these are definitely recommended and generally for anyone who wants good quality and features without spending a fortune on truly
wireless earbuds, these would be a really good option for them. Buy these TOP 5 Best Wireless EarBuds.


  • The latency and lag that you experience are very minimal, thanks to the chip QCC3020
  • They are IPX7 water-resistant which is very impressive
  • The design of these earbuds is very minimalistic and compact meaning they can be carried without feeling like a huge stone sitting in your pocket
  • They have mono stereo sound meaning they can be used individually without losing the sound playing on the other earbud, all the sound can be played on one earbud
  • As mentioned above you can use either independently


  • They use micro-USB for charging
  • Besides that, there aren’t any flaws in these earbuds they are amazing overall

SoundPEAT Truengine SE

Another one from SoundPEATs that delivers amazing sound and value for money that is worth mentioning. The retail price on this one is $47.99. The main highlighting features of these are stated as follows.

Design: The main point of attraction of these earbuds are their design, the transparent area on the earbuds themselves showing the Dual dynamic drivers, you’ll also catch a lot of attention when you pull the earbuds out of the case due to their design. These also stick out a little bit. Now the case is larger to the TrueCapsules but still is not that big and chunky.

So from the design perspective, these are pretty sleek especially the earbuds that are really cool. Also, the “SoundPEATs” logo lights up to indicate charging which is also PRETTY COOL. 

Chipset: Now these come with Bluetooth 5.0 and also have a Qualcomm QCC3020 chip that not only improves connectivity but is also very power efficient.

Battery: The battery on the earbuds themselves lasts up to 6 hours depending on the volume and type of sound you’re listening to. With the case, you’ll get a total of 27 hours which is Amazing. Part of which is due to the QCC3020 chip inside but overall one shouldn’t worry about battery life.

Input: Now these don’t have touch controls which would have been a nice feature but you can’t have it all. The nice thing is that the button can be used to do almost anything from skipping the track to increasing or decreasing the volume.

Sound: The sound from these is “Unbelievably Good”. The bass from these is very punchy. The mids are pretty sharp but the most amazing thing is the fact that it provides an open airy sound meaning anything you play feels like it’s being played around you and it’s a very nice feeling rather than the feeling. So the sound is excellent and if that’s a concern for you, you don’t need to worry.

Monostereo sound: Each individual earbud can be used independently along with that it’s capable of mono stereo sound, that plays all the sound through a single earbud so you don’t miss any of the sounds you’re playing. Voice Assistant: It also has voice assistant controls baked in. It can be summoned by using the buttons on the side of the earbuds.

IP rating: These are IPX5 rated. These aren’t the ones you should submerge or drop in water but if in case some waterfalls on this these they’ll survive. Now, these also don’t have USB type-C like the other products on the list. It has a micro-USB charger and the fact that the touch controls are missing is probably not that great but besides that, there are no conns to be found not in sound quality nor battery life.

These, as well as the Truecapsules, didn’t disappoint at all. Both are amazing products to buy considering their prices. The overall package is fantastic from sound quality to design to battery life. At a price of about $50, they are definitely worth having a check.


1. They have the same chip Qualcomm QCC3020 that the Bomaker SIFI has to deliver the same purpose, Minimal latency and lag
2. Their dual dynamic drivers provide amazing sound quality also they are exposed so they also serve the aesthetics of these earbuds
3. They have mono stereo sound meaning while using only one earbud you won’t miss out any of the sounds that could be otherwise played through the other one

4. Also, either of them can be played alone and seperate


1. The lack of USB type-C
2. The IP rating is very good but less than the bootmaker’s SIFI but it’s still very good besides they don’t have a lot of any cons and are very amazing


SoundPEATS True capsule True wireless

The first one on the list is the SoundPEATS True capsule. At the price of just $36.99, this one is a complete steal. The quality and features it offers at this price point are simply Amazing. It Has Touch Controls: Tired of pushing buttons and that feeling of jamming the earbuds in the ear canal, well the SoundPEAT true capsule has touch input.

That you didn’t expect right?. But it has touch controls. The attention to detail can be proven by the fact that it doesn’t do anything on a single tap to prevent accidental touches.

Battery: The Earbuds themselves provide up to 4-hours of battery time on continuous listening and the case provides 20-hours of battery. This means that the earbuds and case collectively provide 24-hours of battery backup which at this price point, is pretty dope.

Materials and Design: The earbuds and the case are made up of plastic which makes them pretty light-weight the case also has an elongated shape so it fits in the pocket quite nicely. On the outside, there are LED lights and each earbud contains an LED light to indicate that it’s charging in the case. The earbuds have a sort of stem coming down from the earpiece similar to the original airpods. Now in terms of general design, they look fantastic and the visual appearance and design are generally pretty good.

Voice Assistant: These earbuds also have Voice assistant enabled, what this means you can summon Google Assistant and Siri. This also means that it works on both Android and IOS. Bluetooth 5.0: Trust us when we said: “This one is a complete steal”. Yes! It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which provides a much more range and a lower latency rate.

Sound Quality: The sound quality of these We’d have to say is surprising. At this price, we weren’t expecting it to be that good. It has Tons of base. For hip hop music the sound from these is way beyond expectations. In terms of audio quality on a phone call, It’s actually pretty clear and provides a really good calling experience. So if you’re that type of guy who gets a lot of phone calls these could be one of the best if not THE best affordable option for you. The earbuds also have HD microphones that contribute to the overall call experience on these earbuds making it even more compelling to the customers that get a lot of phone calls and don’t want to hold their phone right up to their ear all the time.
IP rating: These earbuds are IPX5 rated meaning that they can survive a little water if it falls on them which at this price is bananas. This also means that if you’re a guy who sweats a lot or goes to the gym, these can be a great option for you. Now, these don’t have a wireless charging case and use micro-USB instead of USB type-C In terms of using one at a time you can only use the right one the left one can’t be used independently.
Conclusion: The SoundPEAT true capsules are an amazing set of earbuds that provide amazing sound quality with a lot of features as well. All in all, they are an amazing value with amazing sound quality, connectivity, design, not to mention the IP rating and touch controls which is insane. We highly recommend it to anyone searching for an affordable pair of nice earbuds that are both good sounding and convenient with amazing battery backup.


1. They have touch input meaning it won’t feel like you’re jamming them in your ear every time you want to control or change something
2. Their Microphone is by far the best we’ve tested mentioned in the list. So for a guy that gets a lot of phone calls, these would come in handy
3. Their “stem” design allows air to pass through and thus wouldn’t irritate the ear if you desire to keep them in your ears for long


1. They use micro-USB for charging. Although minor but USB type-C would be appreciated
2. In our opinion, the bass on these could be increased. Now everyone has their own opinion but we would love to have a bit more bass


Tribit FlyBuds Wireless Earbuds

The last one on the list Dudios Zeus Ace TWS Earbuds that cost $54.99 which are a bit more than $50 but some of the very small conns we encountered in the earbuds mentioned above.
So let’s talk about that and some other features:
Design: The design of these earbuds is quite sleek. The case has a soft touch leather texture and has a clamshell design. The earbuds themselves have an in-ear design that sticks pretty deep inside your ear canal.

This provides very good sound isolation while maintaining a comfortable feel the case has two LEDs on the outside and one besides the charger to indicate charging. Overall the design is sleek and convenient.

Input: These have touch controls. Finally! This was one of our complaints with all the ones listed above. Although you can’t adjust the volume still a touchpad is very good to have. It also doesn’t respond to a single tap meaning that you could adjust it according to your ear without the fear of triggering something. It’s worth noting that all these features come with the latest firmware so, you’d have to update them.
Battery: The Earbuds themself get approximately 4 hours of battery life, in our own tests and with the charging case you’d get about 36 hours of playtime, which is a big number considering its price but overall it’s very good and anyone buying these won’t have battery issues. Charging: The case is charged by USB type-C which we haven’t seen in any other pair of wireless mentioned in the list above.
Sound: These earbuds play warmer tones more. They have a deep bass which is appreciable. Although we would say that a bit of its clarity would be compromised but it’s barely noticeable and an average customer won’t even notice it.

IP rating: These earbuds are IPX5 water-resistant meaning they can survive splashes of water that is helpful in when it accidentally starts raining or if you’re a gym guy and sweat a lot.
Monostereo sound: These have mono stereo sound meaning in case you use only single earbud the entire volume is played through that earbud and is not split so you don’t miss any of the sounds also you can configure any of the earbuds either left or right one to be the primary earbud and can use anyone independently.

Voice assistant: These also have voice assistant enabled which means you can awake Siri or Google Assistant through your earbud’s microphone. It’s worth noting that these have their own app in which you could configure then but the interface isn’t all that great some features don’t even work besides that these have no issues.
To be honest, these are great earbuds. They did not just sound great but they also fixed the complaints we had in from the above-mentioned earbuds namely USB type-C and touch controls. So even if they’re a bit more than $50 they are actually worth every single penny and anyone willing to buy an affordable pair of wireless earbuds should definitely check these. Buy these TOP 5 Best Wireless EarBuds.


1. They have touch inputs and can be fully controlled using the touchpad on the earbuds
2. They use USB type-C which we have complained about every other pair of earbuds mentioned above
3. Each earbud can be used independently
4. They have mono stereo sound meaning while using one earbud can be used independently and all the sound can be played one either earbud so you won’t miss any sound while using one single earbud


1. The app that can be used to configure and tweak the earbuds has a very bad interface that could be definitely improved
2. Besides that they have no flaws, they have fixed the complains we had in the above-mentioned products


Xiaomi Redmi Airdots

The second on the list come from China. These are the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots. At a retail price of $25.95, they provide excellent value for money thus making its way to our list. The sound and overall experience of these is up to and sometimes beyond expectations. Here’s a list of features of the product and why you must consider them if you’re looking for an affordable pair of decent truly wireless earbuds.

Design: These earbuds have a sort of in-ear design without the stem sort of thing hanging on each side and have a sort of matte finish on them making them less reflective. The case is an elongated structure and we have to say the case looks great and is also very compact.

You can carry it easily anywhere. It also has the same matte-like finish on the outside.

Battery: Xiaomi claims the earbuds themselves have 4 hours of battery life but in our personal use, it only lasted for 3 or 3.5 hours at maximum volume. The case can charge the buds up to 4 times such that giving you approx. 12 hours of battery backup.
Input: Each individual earbud has a button on the side that is used to perform various functions.

Voice assistant: The Airdots support Xiaomi voice control, Siri and google assistant. For activating the voice assistant double press the button on the side in standby mode this would activate the voice assistant.
Fit: These are in-ear style earbuds and they sit in the ear-canal even further which means that the sound isolation of these earbuds is good and does a good job in reducing outside noises. This also means that they are stable in the ear and don’t fall out, so if you go to the gym or workout, you won’t have a problem with these falling from the ear.
Sound quality: The sound quality of these earbuds is also quite good (of course or else the wouldn’t be on the list). For one, they get pretty loud so loudness wouldn’t be an issue. They also have a very clear sound signature. The bass isn’t that much as advertised by the brand itself but overall the sound quality is better than we’d expect at the price and anyone who’d buy it would be satisfied with the quality.

Bluetooth 5.0: These have Bluetooth 5.0 built-in them thus the latency rate is reduced and the range is increased.
IP rating: They are IPX4 water and dust resistant as per the company Now these don’t have USB Type-C that instead, they use micro-USB for charging, they lack touch controls, And you can only use the right one independently if the left one is used it is paired separately and after using the left one the airdots are to be reset to use them normally again, Also the charging speed isn’t that fast but no one could expect that at this price.
Conclusion: Now these are good sounding, good looking, nice fitting truly wireless pair of earbuds that offer a satisfactory and on certain songs a good audio experience with greater range and lower latency thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 present in it. All in all, they are very good for people looking for an affordable pair of earbuds that “Get the job done”.


1. Their price: At $25.99, they are the cheapest on the list and are a good budget earbuds
2. They are made up of a soft-touch material that feels premium and in general feels good
3. They are IP rated, which itself isn’t unusual but considering their price point It’s pretty impressive


1. They are from a Chinese manufacturer and thus the entire instructions and commands are in Chinese, example the sound it makes on startup
2. They use micro-USB for charging
3. Their sound quality isn’t as good. It’s amazing considering its price point but they have simply “Get the job done” audio quality
4. You can only use the right one independently.


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